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Articles by L. Fine

Thinking Like a Victim is Harmful to Your Health 

Thirty-five years ago neuroscientists thought that the brain was structurally unchangeable by early childhood; its functions and abilities determined by genes.  Today we understand quite differently, that this is absolutely not true. Jeffrey M. Shwartz and Sharon Begley, in their book, The Mind and the Brain, eloquently tell us “the real estate the brain devotes to certain mental habits rather than others, to these thoughts as opposed to those, is as mutable as a map of congressional districts in the hands of gerrymanderers”! ....see more

Let's Talk About Sex

Sexuality is one of those topics that everyone wants to talk about, but rarely do we know how to talk about it.  And yet it is central to a couple-relationship – it can be the source of pleasure, of tenderness and appreciation.  And it also can be the source of tension, anxiety and fear...see more

Attachment at the Speed of Light

What is significant about the use of email, personal business websites, Skype, texting, Facebook, etc. for the psychotherapist?  Are there ways these tools enhance the therapeutic alliance or impair it? ,,,see more



The Money Conversation – Investing in Another Type of Inquiry

We often survey a client’s family history, their sexual history, addiction history, and even their work history – but rarely do therapists ask about a client’s money history.  And yet, the topic of money is a window into seeing and understanding ourselves as well....see more


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